How would you describe your perfect learning strategy?

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As time goes by we are forced to learn faster and more efficiently in order to keep up with new contents.

Learning Programming Languages, Frameworks, Architectures and other relevant topics needs to happen ASAP.

Taking notes,practicing,talking or even just reading are some strategies used. What works with you? Is it just one of these, a combination of these or some other?

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Trial and error.

I generally start with reading. The more things you are familiar with the more everything looks the same.

For example, docker I can pull from OOP knowledge and version control.

Image => class
Container ==> object
registry => upstream
Layers => commits

I don't have as much UI and web so angular and redux is hard to follow, even though I understand the principles and concepts.



I totally agree with your answer. Trial and error seems to be a bold but effective approach (practice practice practice!).

Personally, i think that trying is the way to go but i feel "afraid" of messing up or not finding the most efficient language or methodology for a given problem because even though it's not a waste of time (because of the learning benefits) it feels like it is.

I believe that there is a sweet spot in learning anything efficiently, even if you know nothing about it.

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