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Why blogging is a great way to start a career in software development.

gordon_bristow_a0fbed4582 profile image Gordon Bristow Updated on ・1 min read

I was recently informed that starting a blog is a great way to start a software development career. With graduation a mere two months away, I am on the hunt for ways to help me stand out from the sea of graduates.

It’s no secret that everyone has attempted to become a blogger at some point or another, many with little success. Many blogs lack success because they lack purpose. Within the career sphere, blogs are a great way to show off the skills and knowledge you’ve learned over the years. Posting regularly shows that you keep up today on new trends and are continuing to learn and explore.
Although blogs aren’t for everyone, there are many other ways to accomplish the same thing. Creating and posting content on other social media platforms like LinkedIn or even your website regularly is just as important as posting on a blog.

In summary, companies what to see your commitment, understanding, and knowledge of technology and the field you are attempting to work in.

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Yes, the base of it is actually writing. I think writing will enhance many of your skillset on a basic level

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