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Week one of CTO madness

Dear diary…

Well week one was shall we say erm… interesting.

Let’s start with the driving, 150 miles in a day to our American cousins is like popping to the local store for us English folks. But I tell you now it takes its toll when you are middle aged and have to deal with London circular traffic! Three hours to get 75 miles is never fun. I mean if it was a straight road, with no traffic it should take an hour at best. But alas I have spoken about the traffic problems for too long and you didn’t come here to read that.

It’s hard to describe how out of my depth I feel coming from being a full time developer to suddenly having to project plan , project team growth, understand all the deployment procedures and shake so many hands when you have a truly present germ phobia!

I mean there are silver linings, I have a wonderful new Alienware laptop and I have discovered the wonderful world of nest.js to which I will now take my full time back end study too. This back end technology I imagine can be so powerful. I have started to build a simple blog and added some JWT auth in this week and absolutely love it! I wonder if my new found love for JavaScript on the back end could be short lived, let me know in the comments your feelings on it.

Alienware laptop

The cons at the moment are the simple fact there is so much to do, I mean seriously we have over 10 major business applications all built in different languages, hosted on all different platforms, with some being so old they have gray nose hair. That’s the hard part! Trying to bring them all into a world where they can be managed and looked after in a way that keep tech debt down and costs for production down.

Budgets! They will haunt me…

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