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Jermaine Oppong
Jermaine Oppong

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React.js–Get started in Dart #2

In Part 1 of this series, we built our Greeting component that took a name parameter and rendered this onto the screen. Here's what the snippet for this looked like:

var Greeting = createReactClass({
  "render": allowInteropCaptureThis(
    (ReactClassInterface self) => React.createElement(
      'h1', null, ['Hello, ${getProperty(self.props, "name")}']),
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And we used it by doing:

void main() {
        'name': 'John'
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In this part, we will refactor our solution and proceed to build out the stateful component example. Here's the video:

→ Watch on YouTube
→ Get the source code


I hope this was insightful and you learned something new today.

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Top comments (2)

vinceramces profile image
Vince Ramces Oliveros

Just finished reviewing re-introduction to JavaScript and ready to move to ReactJS just to build my own SPA Portfolio. I really wanted to integrate it with my dart project. Great Article!

graphicbeacon profile image
Jermaine Oppong Author

Nice one Vince, glad it's helping. I'll be doing more React videos in the future. And thanks for subscribing to the channel ;) Would also be great if you could share the video

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