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PizzaQL - the open-source order management system

PizzaQL an order placement & management system for pizza restaurants maintained by xxczaki, a 16-year-old developer from Poland. The project is still being developed, but it's already usable and the author is looking for some constructive criticism & suggestions. Show him some love :)

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🍕 Modern OSS Order Management System for Pizza Restaurants

Note: Please check the rewritten version of PizzaQL (currently WIP):


Modern OSS Order Management System for Pizza Restaurants.

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The goal of this project is to provide a modern and easy to use order management system with order placement form as well. You can track progress in our TODO list 😄


Please note, that we are currently preparing a new docs for PizzaQL. Stay tuned 🙌

Here ⚡


Order Placement Form Dashboard)

See more screenshots


Order Placement System

  • Basic Frontend
    • Production-ready Frontend (styles etc.)
    • Rewrite to Apollo Client
    • Use HTML5 form validation wherever possible
    • Implement prices
    • Online payments via Stripe
      • Rewrite online payments to use react-stripe-elements
    • Delivery time selection
      • Display delivery time based on current hour
    • Rewrite to @apollo/react-hooks
    • Rewrite to use react-hook-form
  • Working Backend
    • Creating orders
  • Thank you page
    • Ability to copy order id
    • Display simplified order id
    • Show time left to order delivery
    • Rewrite to @apollo/react-hooks

Order Management

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Sung M. Kim

I wish I could've showed him some 💖 but all I could do was ⭐ it 😉

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Simon Taddiken

Crazy what the teens are up to nowadays 👍

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Antoni Kępiński

I've just found this post, thanks Tomek for sharing my project with the DEV community! <3