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What is


Lets Get Started!

I have been recently trading cryptocurrencies a lot this year using and wanted to start automating some of my most profitable strategies. After a bit of research, I found that Tradingview did not have support for programmatically processing indicator alerts. The only solutions they had at the time were email scraping or sms processing.

So, if thats that case why are we here?

Recently, Tradingview released a update implementing webhook callbacks for indicator alerts. This changed everything! Webhooks are very reliable ways to quickly get event message data sent to a client. 😄 However, this created a new challenge, I needed a way to capture the events using a public facing url.

GitHub logo tacyarg / tradingview-webhooks

Backend service converting tradingview alerts into action.


A simple service converting tradingview webhooks into exchange orders. Once running, the end user is able to submit commands via http. This tool was made so I could concurrently test multiple alert/signal stratagies using live market data. We now offer a hosted version at

Software Dependancies

Below are the required software dependancies.


The .env contains all the app's configuration details.

  # database
  # rethink.port=32769
  # rethink.user=
  # rethink.password=
  # bitmex api key
  # bybit api key

Install & Run

Install the dependancies and startup the app.

npm install
npm run api

TradingView Event Format

Below is the format the bot expects.

  • type - The event position type.
  • provider - Defined name for the event.
  • timeframe - Timeframe the event is listening to.
  "token": "4432424-d9b3-433d-9388-19650eb7bf2a",
  "type": "LONG",
  "condition": "Whale" is a tool I created to solve the aforementioned problem of not having a way to capture Tradingview events reliably. Due to the recent release of the webhook feature, no other libraries existed and supported this method of event capture. The tradingview-listener has a format defined to make it simple and easy to collect any arbitrary data you want. It also processes all events using the NodeJS streaming API. This makes reprocessing of events fast, reliable and consistent. It is this flexibility that allows to provide realtime analytical data for each user concurrently.

GitHub logo tacyarg /

Fundingrate Provider Dashboard



Fundingrate is a software as a service platform that allows vendors to collect empirical data on live market conditions. We Provide a platform for both consumers and producers to safely create & share trade strategies, indicator events, and statistical data.

dash market

Looking for the Latest Release?

Features provides a few compelling features and services.

  • Alert/Event Tracking
  • Alert/Event Replay
  • Code Editior
  • Statistical Processing
  • Paralleled Testing
  • Trade Automation
  • Share Strategies
  • Marketplace

What problems will this solve?

Ease of use

Currently the market has only a few larger participants in the space, most notably 3commas. This competition while reliable; does not provide an easy way to get started without having a technical background or deep understanding of trading techniques.

Knowing who to trust with your money

When buying Into various Indicator discord groups, telegram chats, and “signal groups” most rely heavily on social proof to claim profitability with weak empirical… is the dashboard to manage your user, tokens, providers, and stats utilizing the I wrote a simple easy to use frontend portal using react & styled-components in hopes to make the on-boarding process a bit smoother.

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