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I want to share with you an online free app to sign and send documents of any popular type - GroupDocs.Signature.
What I like, in comparison to other signing online apps:

  • Its free. 🙌
  • No sign up. 👏
  • Easy 3-step workflow: Drop - Sign - Send.👍

It is the only online application to sign any type of document through one interface: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or other. Barcode and QRCode signature - is another one cool feature!😎

Here is how I sign my invoice with stamp:

Here is signed invoice:

I want to have signing feature in my system!👨‍💻

GroupDocs.Signature app is built based on GroupDocs.Signature API.
You can use GroupDocs.Signature API if you want to add signing functionality to your site or into your system. The API is supported for .NET and Java on your choice.

Let me show you a quick example how to add QRCode signature with GroupDocs.Signature API in .NET:

using (var signature = new Signature("document.pdf"))
    // Setup key and passphrase
    string key = "1234567890";
    string salt = "1234567890";

    // Create data encryption object
    IDataEncryption encryption = new SymmetricEncryption(SymmetricAlgorithmType.Rijndael, key, salt);

    // Create custom signature object
    var documentSignatureData = new DocumentSignatureData()
        ID = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),
        Author = Environment.UserName,
        Signed = DateTime.Now,
        DataFactor = 11.22M

    // Setup QRCode signature options
    var options = new QrCodeSignOptions()
        Data = documentSignatureData,
        EncodeType = QrCodeTypes.QR,
        DataEncryption = encryption,
        // Set signature size
        Height = 100,
        Width = 100

    // Sign and save document
    signature.Sign("document_signed.pdf", options);

GroupDocs.Signature API supports much more features than you see in app above.

You can also:

  • Load document from any source: Amazon S3 Storage, Azure Blob Storage, FTP, URL, Stream, etc.
  • Put multiple signatures.
  • Search for signatures.
  • Verify signatures.
  • Protect signed documents with password.
  • Save signed document to various type in one run.
  • Sign with metadata (author, date).
  • Sign with encrypted data.
  • Set signature properties: colors, sizes, adjustments, etc.

GroupDocs.Signature API has a 30-day trial period for your try.

GroupDocs is a daughter of Aspose - a world-known vendor of file format APIs and apps.

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