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局 How I learned to clean up after another dev...

At some point in a career, you always have to pick up where someone left and then, you hit that wall and ask yourself:

What kind of idiot wrote that?!

We all go trough that and we're all that idiot once too.

I do think tough that there are better ways to go trough your day without all the rage that comes with it.

1. Keep a levelled head

No one will benefit from rage and complains. We all want to yell and express how we think the person before us screwed up, blame someone for everything wrong in the world to relieve ourselves for the delays and bugs. Take a deep breath, fix one thing at a time and move on in the project. Stop saying:

Someone else f'd up.

and go to:

I'm improving a lots of things.

2. Learn from it.

When we learn the job, we hear a lot of things to do and not to do, but as long as someone keep us in the right track, we never really understand why a Godclass is bad.

3. Don't bring other down.

If you can see the project you are working on as a mess on first sight, your colleagues probably can too. No one Gain from pushing each other down the mountain and you can only improve morale by trying to keep a positive attitude and showing everyone else that this can't stop you

4. Move on one step at a time.

No matter how large the project is and how little you know about it, the more you try to take in at the same time, the less you might understand... Ask around what should be done first, see if it work, fix as much as you can, then go to the next step. By focusing on one problem, you improving your chance of actually getting trough.

Thats it, if you feel some things are missing, don't hesitate to comment below!

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