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Heather Hill-Leider
Heather Hill-Leider

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My Coding Journey

I joined the wonderful world of technology not too long ago when I came on board Vuetify to help run the company with my wonderful and loving fiance’, John Leider, who created Vuetify. My background is in banking and finance and my degree path was in Business Management, so I told him I would gladly manage all the operations and finances of the business. What I didn’t realize was that I really needed to know some coding. Even a little bit to understand what him and our team members were talking about and even how the business run. That brings me to my goal.
John is writing a book for beginners like me learn called Learn Vuetify that takes the reader from the very beginning of not knowing much to an advanced level of coding knowledge. That’s my goal! I want to learn how to code and be able to talk the talk, walk the walk, and code the codes with the best of them!
I had mentioned this fun little initiative to some people we met at some VueConf’s we went to and there was one guy who said, “I would be very interested to follow your journey. You should blog about it.” I was flattered by that and wondered if anyone else felt the same way. I talked to a bunch of other people at the conference about it and they all said blogging my journey through Learning Vuetify would be a great read!
So there ya go! Here’s the beginning of my journey and the blog. I’m not going to go through how-to steps in this blog since John’s book, Learn Vuetify, will do that and this is my experience of how I went through his book.
You will get to see me struggle through learning to code and everything that goes along with it. I imagine there will be some embarrassment, some excitement, and some frustration. So please leave me feedback and encouragement when needed because I know I will need it! Stay tuned!

Blessings 💋

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As a wise man Rupaul Charles said: "Embarassment sets you free! Soak it in, darling!"
I've had so many facepalms throughout my learning journey and I wouldn't take back any of them. That's how you measure progress! ❤️

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Darek Gusto

Thanks for writing all these articles, great read! :)