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Complete Road map and free Resources for Data science

 Data science is all about cleaning and analysing the data which can be available in tabular form, JSON or may be in csv format using statistics and different methodologies to derive insights which help a company or organisation to take business driven decisions.

For this purpose one can use pre-built softwares such as Microsoft Excel but it is not an efficient and professional way to do so,If you want to be a Data scientist I would highly recommend you to learn programming languages and databases.

Link to Join channel -[](

   instagram :- []( )

Here is a roadmap to get started 


    Programming language for data science
    1)Python (recommended)
    3)R language
    4)Database (Mysql)
    5)What is CSV formatted data

→ After the basics of these languages learn libraries for
   2)Data visualisation
   3) Connectivity with databases
   4) Statistics and maths

   1)Machine learning algorithms
   2)Do Projects
   3) Internships

→In Advance level you can explore these topics or can work on complex topics.
   1)Big data

To get started there are some resources that I strongly recommend

Python → [](

Data science course (with certificate for free on compilation) 
 → Data Science Beginner's Course: Free Data Science Online

For Projects 

For free Internships visit this site (search for quantum in tech section)
→ []( )

Blog to read

This will make you ready to do paid internships in the field of 
→Data analyst
→Data visualisation expert
→Assistant Data scientist

Note :- To get a high paying job in this field or to get expertise you need real world working experience.

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Thank you buddy