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How Open-Source Contributions are Beneficial to Your Career.

Whether you're a self-taught programmer, boot-camp or computer science student (or graduate): landing great interviews is really hard when you have no experience working in a team, and zero industry connections.

If you're tired of applying for entry level roles (with unrealistic experience requirements) or you're sick of being constantly ghosted or rejected by recruiters, contributing to an open source project is a great way to gain real world experience and build genuine connections to senior developers.

Some of the perks of contributing to Open-Source software are.

  1. You can build up your confidence by contributing to an open source project in your favourite programming language.

  2. Gain real world experience, strengthen your resume and grow your professional network

  3. Land great interviews and offers working in a tech stack you love

  4. If you're having trouble landing great interviews because you don't have any experience yet, open-source contributions on your GitHub profile and resume will really help you stand out.

  5. The 2017 Open Source Jobs Report found that 60 per cent of hiring managers are seeking to hire open-source talent and FAANG usually hire programmers with experience contributing to open-source.

If you're someone looking to increase the chances of landing a job, you should definitely consider contributing to open-source software and adding that to your portfolio!

Only problem is... getting started in open source can seem overwhelming at first. It's easy to get lost when you have no guidance or support. That's why we've put together the open source challenge - to help you build up the confidence to contribute to an open source project of your choice in your favourite stack, with just enough pressure to keep you moving forward! If this is something that interests do fill in this form and we will get back to you soon!

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