Building Dev.to native iOS application

hadiidbouk profile image Hadi Dbouk ・1 min read

Hello Guys, I have started a project to build a native iOS application for this website (In progress), I know there is already an iOS version, but it's just a web view.

I am very open for feedback and contribution.

🧐 Why am I building this?

  • Having Fun
  • Working with RxSwift.
  • MVVM + Coordinator.
  • Exploring Dev.to and its API
  • Dependency injection (Swinject)
  • Just Code - No Storyboards 🤓

You can check the code here: https://github.com/hadiidbouk/DevTo.iOS


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Very cool! Nothing better than platform-native apps.


Thank you!


I would be happy to contribute to your project along with my team, why don't we do this in the official repo? github.com/thepracticaldev/DEV-ios


That will be a good idea for sure, how can I contact you directly?