Auditing Techniques and Security Of Linux Server

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Any developer in this world manages to create their own server to host websites or other ... but we do not subscribe to security, especially since these are servers containing important data.

Which made me to write a gitbook which summarizes all the steps to do as soon as we have the hand in a linux server,These are personal notes During this gitbook, I share with you some security audit technique for Linux servers. In other words, the operations to perform when you check the server for the first time, browse the server and try to discover its current configuration. First look at the boot process, then the system, then the service, etc.

The book is divided into 7 parts as follows:

  • Start-up process
  • Materials
  • System
  • Users
  • Logs
  • Services
  • Network

You will find the gitbook in this link https://osc.halas.pro/
If you have any modifications or techniques to add for the operating system audit, you are welcome. 🤗

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