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Very Basics of Cloud Services and AWS

Cloud services, especially AWS, become more popular every day. So, “what is the cloud?” is an important question to understand whether we need it or not in our projects. In this article, I will try to explain briefly what I understood in AWS Concepts course of Linux Academy. I strongly suggest this short course (totally around 1 hour) to whom wonder cloud services and AWS basics. Then you can continue with AWS Essentials course of the same lecturer if you want.

Advantages of Cloud Systems:

  1. High Availability: Your files are always available for any device.
  2. Fault-Tolerant: If some problem occurs there is an available backup.
  3. Scalability: Increase your processor power, storage, database based on demand to your system.
  4. Elasticity: Decrease your processor power, storage, database based on demand to your system.

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Basic structure of Amazon Web Service
Let’s talk about these basic AWS elements:

  • EC2: A virtual computer which is primarily used for its computing power. You can think of it as a basic computer which includes CPU, RAM, Firewall, Operating System, etc. It generally used as a web hosting part of the system.
  • RDS: Database of AWS. You can store information such as inventory catalog or customer info in there.
  • S3: It is a massive storage bucket. It commonly used for storing media files such as images, videos, etc.
  • VPC: Virtual Private Cloud is your private section on AWS, where you can allow/restrict access to them. Availability Region & Zone

Availability Zone: Physical location of Amazon Data Centers. They have separated geographically in each AWS region also.

AWS Region: A geographical region which includes AWS Availability Zones, such as Tokyo, Dublin. It helps decreasing latency due to geographical distances.

Generally, there are more than one Availability Zones in an AWS region in order to provide ‘High Availability’ and ‘Fault Tolerant’ as we mentioned above. For instance, if there is a disaster or power outage in an Availability zone you can connect the other one.

As a result, these are the very basics of cloud services and especially Amazon Web Services. If you want to dig into more about this topic, I strongly suggest the courses which I mentioned in the introduction passage.

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