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Hamed Baatour
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I made a template that scores 100 in every speed test āš”

šŸ”— template link

scoring 100 in Lighthouse and in other performance test is hard yet it is every front end developer's dream, however most of us don't achieve that because it simply takes a lot of work!

as a developer myself having to build many websites I have spent a lot of time polishing my build process to finally reach a point where I have the perfect high performance boilerplate I have been always looking to find and TurboKit was born!

why not use a template off Github?
You might have searched for a starter template on Github and found incomplete projects without any documentation or they are extremely hard to customize and most of them are outdated and do not use modern optimizations such as generating new images format like AVIF or WEPP

why TurboKit?
I built this static website template to achieve a perfect performance score in every speed test with zero exceptions.

this script is based on Vite and Gulp to do everything and anything you think of as part of a build process, I'm talking optimizing:

  • Images (AVIF, WEBP...)
  • JS
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Fonts
  • Cache
  • JSON

and more stuff including:

  • generating a PWA
  • internationalization support (i18n)
  • dev server with HMR
  • preconfigured prettier
  • sitemap generation

and much much more

so, what is your website Lighthouse score? share it down below!

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i'm trying...

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Hamed Baatour

so close, let me know if you need any help šŸ™‹šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø
things would be much easier if you used TurboKit though šŸ˜

vulcanwm profile image

thanks! I would but Iā€™m too broke :/