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Top 5 Programs Every Windows User Must Have

This is my first article here and it will be about the top 5 must-have Windows Programs for any PC. I'll try to covert the in details why these programs are so necessary and why they should be installed on your Windows operating system. Let's get started.

What is Software?

Software (also called a computer program, application) is a set of instructions which are executed by a computer in addition to perform specific task. Furthermore, in the next few paragraphs I will explain which programs are necessary and every Windows user should have.

Top 5 Programs for Windows Users

Below is the list of the most popular programs which are necessary for Windows operating systems.

1.Web Browser (Google Chrome)

First, and obvious is the web browser and in addition, every user needs to have a Internet Browser. Therefore, I can say for sure that currently there aren't any better browsers than the most used cross-platform called Google Chrome. As the name says, this popular web browser was developed and released by Google.

2.Office Suite: LibreOffice

Libre Office is one of the most popular programs for making spreadsheets, writing documents, calculating etc. This program is completely free and it is available in 119 languages. This is really great alternative to the Microsoft Office 365 . This open source productivity software project developed by the The Document Foundation

3.Windows Security: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

I recommend this security software cause the free version of it does the complete system scan job done. The premium version is always better version but in most cases you will not need it. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was developed by the American Internet security company Malwarebytes. This security protection program is currently available in 30 languages.

4.Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best download manager version in the world. This program comes with free and paid version. In addition, you can reset the trial period on the paid version using idm trial resetter or by simply installing it on new VMWare Workstation Machine where you will have clean Windows installation. However, we always recommend to buy the premium version version and support the creators. Furthermore, it is only available for Windows operating systems. Furthermore, for those who don't know this program is owned by American Company Tonec, Inc. This download manager can use the use full bandwidth and that is the reason I added it in the list.

5.File Compression and Extraction: WinRAR

WinRAR is one of the best programs when is talking about file compression and extraction process. This program also comes with a free and paid version. However,you don't need the premium version. The only difference between the free and premium version is the pop-up window which show that you need to buy it. Rest of the features are completely same between both versions.

Those are the top 5 programs I think every Windows user should have. This is my personal list and I hope you have liked it.

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Himanshu Chandola • Edited

For file compression and extraction 7zip ( can be better option as it is free and open source.