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Hany Taha
Hany Taha

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Feedback to my portfolio please

Hello Devs,
I'm interested in your feedback, so I can upgrade my ui, ux and coding skills.

Thanks <3

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Vince Ramces Oliveros

make your "CONTACT ME" have a card in your form. transparent text field is hard to find and looks ugly.

About your CV. Don't put ratings on your tech/expertise/skills. There are couple of reasons why you don't want to put ratings on your cv(during interview, some companies will ask to rate your expertise/skills).

The contrast needs a lot of adjustments. When to use white text on a dim/black background and vice versa.

kaos profile image
Kai Oswald

A few suggestions:

  • tune down the animations
  • increase color contrast, text is very hard to read sometimes
  • reduce shadows
  • increase the opacity of overlaying elements

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