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Darío Kondratiuk
Darío Kondratiuk

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Pushing your Docker images to Docker Hub

In my previous post we created an image to get Puppeteer-Sharp running on Docker. Let's see if we can publish that image to Docker Hub and make that image available to the community.

I already have a user on Docker Hub, so I bet the first step is done.

First step

I want to create one repository with two tags:

  • puppeteer-sharp-base:1.0
    • puppeteer-sharp-base:1.0-sandboxed

If we go to the Create Repository page, we can see that we should be able to create a Github repository and make Docker build our images from there. We LOVE that kind of stuff, don't we?

Second step

So let's create our repo!

Third step

I'm going to commit there two images:

  • A base image without the user creation.
  • A sandboxed image, which will start from the base image and it create the user after that. I will put this file inside a "sandboxed" folder.

Fourth step

Time to go back to Docker Hub...

We are going to create two sets of builds:

  • One for the latest version, using the master branch.
  • One for tagged versions.

And we are going to build two images:

  • puppeteer-sharp-base:<version>
  • puppeteer-sharp-base:<version>-sandboxed

Fifth step

Let's Create and Build!

Sixth step

Now, we can create a 1.0 release on Github.

Seventhh step

And voilà! We have a v1.0 on Docker!

Eight step

Finally, the moment of truth, let's see if I can replace all the code I had y my previous Dockerfile and replace it only with the new image.

FROM hardkoded/puppeteer-sharp-base:latest

COPY bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/publish/ /app/
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "/app/PuppeteerSharpPdfDemo-Local.dll"]

Boom! We have our new image working!

Ninth step


Final Words

I hope this journey can help you to setup your own images, and also to start using Puppeteer-Sharp on Docker.
As you can see, I'm not a Docker expert. If you are, and you found something off on my post, please let me know!

Don't stop coding!

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