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How to search google lik a pro

Search Exact words

Usage: "yourword"
Example: "How to learn JavaScript"

Search free ebooks

Usage: yourword filetype: pdf
Example: Think And Grow Rich filetype: pdf

Search in one website

Usage : site:URL yourword
Example: site: "Scope in Javascript"

Search some missing words

Usage: *
Example: think and * rich

Search specific year

Usage : yourwords in year, your words between2020..2021
Example: coup in 2021 or Bitcoin price between 2000..2021

Search the latest update of the website

Usage : cache:

Find login page on the website

Usage : site: URL link:"login"
Example : site: link:"login"

Find similar images reverse search

Usage: goto upload your image search

I hope this will be helpful to you. Happy Coding .

PS:This is my first article.I am waiting to hear your feedback.

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Nice tips! Especially the cache: one, that was new for me.

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Zaw Zaw Win

thank for your feedback!

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Zaw Zaw Win

.I just start writing articles.I love to hear your feedback.