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How Mobile App Development Companies Can help With Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The role of top app development companies in mobile marketing can never be over-emphasized. Technology has developed to the extent that you can now carry out your online businesses or do your online marketing on your mobile device. People are now much interested in marketing their businesses online because it is cheaper, and it reaches a wider audience. Thus, require a good content marketing strategy.

Content marketing should be informative, educating and entertaining. It should be able to attract customers’ attention. Not just to attract their attention but to make them buy your products or demand your services. Remember, the goal is to enable you to acquire more customers. And the more customers you have, the more sales you make. As customers are the life wires of any business. Without them, businesses will cease.

Powerful tools in content marketing are social media, blogs, and videos.

Social media

Social media platforms allow marketers to share pictures and videos of their products and services directly to their target audience. The increase in social media platforms now has also been attributed to increasing in sales. We have social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. These social media platforms have features that enable marketers to reach out directly to their followers or customers.

One good advantage of social media is that they all have the facility to show videos.

With a social media app on your followers’ mobile device, they can communicate directly with you. You can educate them, as well as get feedbacks from them.


Android app development company can help develop an app that will support pictures on your blog. A blog without pictures is usually unattractive to read. It looks discouraging. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is absolutely true, as readers get a clearer message by viewing the pictures.

When composing marketing contents for your blog, try to keep your messages short and simple. Long messages may scare people off. Make it brief because the chances that it will be read are higher that way, and even much higher when you include quality and attractive pictures. Bear in mind that these readers are basically going to read them on their handheld devices.

Again, you should endeavor to put the most important information first when composing your content. Your readers are likely to scan your blog for important points. This will enable them to decide whether to take action or not. So, in other to make your blog readers interested in your products or services, quality pictures and videos should be included.

The pictures and videos alone should be able to attract your readers’ interests in your products or services, and also make them want to acquire it.

Thanks to android app development, content marketing via blogs have become possible. Two very useful blogging tools are “WordPress and “Blogger”.

WordPress is a very popular blogging tool which can be used for both personal and business stuff. It has apps that can make you easily update your blog on your handheld or mobile device. You can equally edit posts and manage user comments from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have your mobile device with you.

Another powerful blogging tool is the Blogger. This app also has all the features of the wordpress, which makes them very effective in mobile marketing.

Your blog contents should carry valuable information, as readers prefer that to you advertising to them.


Videos are very instrumental in content marketing. Videos help your viewers make quicker and more informed decisions. Your viewers get to watch, learn and know more about your products and services. For example, if you into manufacturing of machines, it will be necessary to upload videos about your machines and how to operate them. If a machine can perform more than one function, let it be in your video. Also, include how to maintain it in your video. As your viewers view the video, they may find interesting things about your machine which will make them want to buy it.

It is imperative for you to make your video very easy to understand, so as not to discourage your viewers from having interest in your products or services. In fact, it is advisable to make an exciting video. Make watching your video, fun. An explainer video will suffice. An explainer video will help you explain the process more efficiently than a static image or a still picture. You can also include a short testimonial video from satisfied clients or customers. Testimonials provide a sense of trust and guarantee of your products and services.

However, you should try to avoid a long video. Your viewers are not watching a movie. A two or three-minute video may be okay. And if it will not be enough, try to make sure it does not exceed five minutes.

One very good advantage of videos is that it has a search engine optimization benefit. Search engines love videos. Statistics have shown that advertising with videos has increased sales by forty percent.

One very popular type of a video app is Youtube. With this mobile app on your device or smartphone, you can watch, upload, download, and even stream videos online. All you need to do is to take pictures with your mobile phone or mobile device, click on the app, and upload. Once you have uploaded your video, you can start sharing.

All the mobile marketing apps have a “share option. This option enables you to share, files-pictures and videos, with other Android or smartphone users.

Android app development has supported mobile app marketing tremendously. Mobile device users now receive promotional contents on their devices. The features that enable these services are possible due to apps developed by these app development companies.

Mobile devices or smartphones manufacturers too now incorporate apps into their devices. This has become very necessary has business owners and marketers are now going online. This makes it a lot easier for them, as they have all the tools need for their businesses on a mobile device.

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