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What is a Coding Playlist?

What is your favorite music to work to? OR do you prefer no music at all because you need quiet to focus on whatever it is that you are working on? Do you like music with words when you’re relaxing, but music with no words when you are trying to meet a deadline at work? At HarperDB, we have a wide range of music tastes spanning from classical, hip hop, reggae, and even as one of our devs put it: “silence with my frustrations...” 🤣. If you ever wish you had other developer’s suggestions for music to code and work to, you are not alone!

So that is why we created “HarperDB’s Coding Tunes”, a Spotify playlist with hand-picked jams from every developer on our team. We feel the pain of needing the perfect tune to have on hand when compiling your code or working through a nasty bug. No one wants to spend extra time trying to sift through the millions of playlists on your music app to find just the right vibe, so we went ahead and did it for you.

Each month we will be releasing a new coding playlist, and we will keep past months’ playlists live so if you fall in love with one you won’t have to worry about losing it. I will also be chatting with one of our fearless developers on how music moves them and posting it on our playlist landing page. With this interview, they share a bit about the music and artists that help get them through the workday. So if you haven’t already, follow the HarperDB Spotify and check out the current playlists available here.

You can also like the playlists to save them for later AND we even have an option to subscribe here if you want to know every time the newest playlist of the month has been released. Finally, if you have some coding tunes you want to submit for the next month’s playlist, you can email us at 🙂 Our entire team would love to hear your recommendations and find out what music moves YOU, our rad HarperDB community. So don’t be shy, go throw on the June playlist right now and code away!

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Dilan Jayasekara

This is my coding track!