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Simple Search box using JavaScript

Simple search operation using JavaScript to filter out the items from list.

so we have a search box here and an unordered list with 0 child items.

<div class="center">
<textarea rows="1" name="searchBox" id="searchBox" placeholder="Type to search"></textarea>
<i class="material-icons">search</i>
<ul class="center" id="list">

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  • add elements to the list using DOM Manipulation
var list= ["banana" , "strawberry" , "orange" , "apple"]

var listEle = document.getElementById("list");

insertListItems = (tempList) => {
   listEle.innerHTML = "";>{
      var liEle = document.createElement("LI");
      var liText = document.createTextNode(i);          


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now add onkeyup event in textarea to call the search function on entering any value in textarea

<textarea onkeyup="search(this.value)"  placeholder=" type to search" rows="1" name="searchBox" id="searchBox"></textarea>

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the function takes search value as parameter and checks if the search value is not empty if it is empty it simply uses the same data , else using the filter method we can filter out values accordingly

Note : toUpperCase method is used so that search results are not case sensitive.

search = (searchTerm) => {
  searchTerm = searchTerm.toUpperCase()
  var temp = list;
  if(searchTerm != ""){
      listEle.innerHTML = "";
      temp = list.filter((i)=>{
        i = i.toUpperCase()
        if( i.indexOf(searchTerm) != -1){
           return i

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Link for reference :-

Happy Developing!

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