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Git - What actually is Version Control System ?

I have seen many people (beginners) asking,

what is the difference between the Git and GitHub?

So, I think, this needs to be clarified in a proper post.

Generally, the ones, asking these questions, are not much aware of Git and the immense need of this tool, especially in the field of programming, whether it be development or some other application.

Git - Version Control System

Lets understand Git... a bit.

It is a Version Control System, as everyone says, but what does VCS actually mean?

Lets say, you are making notes of something in a simple text file, named as "notes.txt"


The notes were quite rough, so you refined it later and named it as, "notes - refined .txt"
Now, you have two files:


Lets say, you researched about a topic, or discussed it with a friend or someone asked a revision of it, and you are like me, you always want to keep a copy (i.e., history) of what you have been doing throughout your time on particular work.
So, you renamed it again:


As revisions, refinement, research and/or modifications increases, so would your files because you want to keep track of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

But wait... Even after all that hassle, you can keep track of versions of files but you still cannot track what you have been editing all this time, right?

One solution could be prepare Excel file where you keep names of files in one column and description of versions on another column for proper tracking of the files and their different versions.

Now, you wish, there was some assistant of yours who could arrange all of that work but unfortunately, you are not rich like me who can afford an assistant for all of this work

Enters Git!
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A free of cost assistant, to manage and solve the problem that we just discussed!

We will be sharing how it solves the aforementioned problems in detail in our upcoming article.

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