Automatic Publish for your Android/iOS Apps (Azure Pipelines)

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What is devops CI tool

It's wonderful I used it to build and publish my Android/iOS projects.

Azure Pipelines is based on Fastlane but it's more user friendly and gives you 10 free parallel jobs.

Tips while building and publishing your Android App

  • Better to use the Hosted macOS
  • make sure that you entered the correct path to your gradlew file
  • use the "Google Play - Release" task to release your signed APK to Alpha, Beta or production

Tips while building and publishing your iOS App

  • Make sure to enter correct path of the workspace
  • create an exportoptions.plist file that includes the bundle name and provisioning profile name
  • better to use Xcode 9.4 to build your application, and before building it on azure pipeline make sure that all packages are compatible with this version
  • make sure that the podfile.lock is not pushed to your git

Try it and let me know if you got any problems

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