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2020 Hacktoberfest swag unboxing

Hello everyone! Today, I received my 2020 Hacktoberfest package from Kotis Design.
A few months back, in October, I joined Hacktoberfest which is a month long open-source event.

To explain what Hacktoberfest is, it's a perfect opportunity for students learning to code and for those who wanna get their feet wet in the ocean of open-source software development.

During this event, they can learn about OSS development, git and Github. At least 4 pull requests must be submitted to public GitHub repositories to earn a free T-Shirt and stickers.

Enough talking! Let's unbox the package!!

So here we go! Here is the package.

I am going to unbox it quickly so you can see what's inside the package.


What's inside?

So, a T-shirt. You can't see clearly here but the fabric feels so soft and nice - Medium quality, neither cheap nor expensive.

Two cards from sponsors (Intel and Dev).



So, many stickers! I didn't expected that much to be honest. There are altogether 14 stickers from sponsors such as DEV, JetBrains, circleCI, Github, etc.

And here is a promo code from Digital Ocean! This code can be used to get $100 credits in Digital Ocean (only for new users ☚ī¸)

Ok. Now, it's time to add these cool stickers to my laptop 😉

laptop with stickers

So, that's it! If you want these cool stuffs, I highly recommend you to participate in next year Hacktoberfest. You can sign up anytime between October 1 and October 31 every year!

May open source be with you....

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shantanulamba profile image
Shantanu Lamba

I am waiting for my 2021 pack

heinkhantzaw profile image
Hein Khant Zaw

Cool bro!

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose


heinkhantzaw profile image
Hein Khant Zaw

Thanks bro!

devschaffer profile image

still waiting :D

kkkkkabir profile image
Kabir Jain

I am still waiting for mine :(

heinkhantzaw profile image
Hein Khant Zaw

I also have to wait over a month to get mine too đŸ¤Ŗ
Hope you get your swags soon bro ;)