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Github Universe 2020 is live now

Guys! Don’t miss a minute of Github Universe 2020. The sessions are worth listening. For those who don't know what Github universe is, it is an annual community event hosted by Github. This year, the event is virtually hosted due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The sessions are grouped into four channels : Developer, Enterprise, Univers(ity) and Play.

Here is a brief explanation about each channel (resources from github universe FAQs):

  • Developer: geared towards open source contributors and maintainers running projects of all sizes, as well as developers looking to understand the latest software tools, techniques, and best practices.
  • Enterprise: tailored for senior leaders and decision-makers from global companies interested in transformation, security, scalability, and productivity.
  • Univers(ity): designed specifically for college students seeking the tools, techniques, and connections that will help expand their resumes and prepare them for their future.
  • Play: take a break, get inspired, or discover something new with entertaining performances, tutorials, and unexpected stories, all driven by code.

This event will be hosted for three days (Dec 8 - Dec 10). So, I hope you learn something from the sessions that you find interesting.

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Exciting times ahead! Thanks for sharing the info about Github Universe 2020. Looks like there's a lot to learn and explore tighten garage across the different channels.