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My journey as an iOS Developer 1: The Beginning

Hi, my name is Diego Salcedo. This is my first post here and I would like to share my journey as an iOS developer. First of all, I going to be honest, I am super duper beginner in iOS. I started learning this 4 days ago. The funny thing is that Im currently working as an iOS developer and I have to present an app for a pizza businnes in two and a half months. So, maybe you will ask.

Hey idiot, how do you accept that work?
How they employee you?
Well, that was a funny story, via LinkedIn I got an offer to an Android Developer job. In the interview, now my boss told me about that project od making an app in iOS. I told him that I did not know nothing about that. Nevertheless, he offer me that job. So, I always wantes to make iOS apps, the remuneration was great, I felt in love with the opportunity of create an app from scrath for a huge pizzas businnes. Sooooo, I said YES.

The problem, I just have a mac in the office, in my house I dont have a mac :( (maybe in two months I will buy one).

So I want to share all my experience learning swift from scratch, making this app, trying to program on xcode from a hackintosh (dont worry in two months I will buy my new mac)

Hope you like it!

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Mouzzam Tahir

The swift community is great and so friendly. We are really excited to help you if you get stuck somewhere.

In case you need some good tutorials or help:

Follow Sean Allen, Paul Hudson, Raywenderlich, LetsBuildThatApp on Twitter. you can right away DM your problem but be specific. They also have short videos about the generic problems iOS developer face in daily life.

I wish you the best of luck in the journey. Can’t wait to see the actual you’ll made.

Peace! ✌🏼