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Emoji Lover 😍😍😍???

Well, I was not a big Emoji Lover previously because I don't know too much about it.
But now I have something for you if you are an Emoji Lover😍😍😍.

Actually One of my Girlfriend told me that I am Emoji hater that hurts me.
So I decided to know about emoji and guys, you have no idea what I get πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”?
I found that 90% or more than 90% people don't know the real meaning of emoji and using it like a pro but they are not a pro 😏😏😏.

Even you have no idea what is the real meaning of it but still, you are using. So I am not going to let you live in the dark.
Here I found something great.
Did you guys ever listen about Wikipedia?
If your answer is yes then you can read further otherwise you can enjoy another blog.

Today I am talking about Emojipedia.
Wait what? πŸ€”
Yes, you read it Right.
It is Wikipedia of Emoticon (Emoji) where you can know real mean of Emoji and you can use emoticon perfectly.

You can also challenge or punctuate them at any point which shows that how much smart you are.
But don't be too smart because some people are just to be stupid you can't change them.

Link -

Bouns tip - In Windows, you can use Emoji directly by pressing
Window key + Period (.)

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Nice blog!! Thanks for giving the reference