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DevFest Sul 2019

Last weekend I've attended to DevFest Sul 2019, a regional conference about technology and development promoted by this local Google Developer Group. It was the first tech event I've gone after getting my first job as developer (I still shall post about this) and there I could interact with some of my new colleagues (they are pretty cool!)

I usually take notes when listening to a tech talk and here's some of what I have learned.
(Photos by Fabrício 'Foto Imagem e Arte', Karen and Isaque Fontinele)

Matheus Romão Barcellos - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● How to use native code on Flutter
by Matheus Romão Barcellos

Romão explained some Flutter's layers (Framework - Dart, Engine - C/C++ and Embedder - platform) and methods, such as methodChannel which is the one responsible to make this 'bridge' to native code and eventChannel that makes streaming of data happen. He also talked about some of Dart aspects like isolate threads and futures promises.

Lucas Santos - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● Deconstructing NodeJS
by Lucas Santos

By telling some of NodeJS history and its intrinsic behavior, Lucas showed how event loop works, alongside call stacks, byte codes and other advanced technical aspects. A cool tip given here is that object's properties order actually matters because of how they're referenced internally. This means that one could lose performance when deleting a property, for example.

Rodrigo Branas - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● Native, Hybrid or PWA
By Rodrigo Branas

With a highly engaging talk, Branas contextualized these mobile development options and presented their pros and cons. It seems that PWAs (Progressive Web App) are taking some time to get traction because Native (Plataform-Specific) and Hybrid (Cross-Plataform) apps are very interesting for Google and Apple currently. He also talked about what we should consider before choosing a stack to develop, legacy and how Flutter differs from React Native and Ionic, for example.

Fernando Ultremare  - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● How to train a model to control your robot
by Fernando Ultremare

The case presented was to create a Speech to Text system that uses call center recordings to infers what a client is asking for. Fernando showed how he and his team managed to accomplish this using DeepSpeech, DeepSpeech-cleaner, data augmentation and Open Seq2Seq. They've managed to reach 0.28 score in the Word Error Rating and this project is still in progress.

Maísa Leite Fonseca - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● Agile is not a mess
by Maísa Leite Fonseca

Agile talks seems to be very engaging and Maísa is the living proof of this. She explained that - withing the Agile Methodology - we can "skip" some documentation in exchange for more talking within the team. She also talked about User Stories, Acceptance Criterion, Definition of Ready, Gherkin and more. "The agreed is not expensive" was her key phrase in this talk.

Marlon Burnett - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● Serverless Apps
by Marlon Burnett

Burnett showed how easy is to develop Serverless Apps using Azure, AWS or Firebase - this last one being the case he brought to the table. There are several done solutions that we can use, such as Login/Register, Authentication, Database, Scaling and more.

Agile - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

● How we've created our own Agile Methodology after a hard time
by Ana Carolina Gomes and Rafael Buss

Ana and Rafael presented their difficulties and successes while developing an internal+external platform for their company. They emphasized how important is to gather everyone that uses that tool and understand how they use and what they need.

Everyone - photo by Fabrício Foto Imagem e Arte

DevFest Sul 2019 was a great conference to keep myself immersed in this tech universe while learning new things and having contact with great tools and cool people. Can't wait for the next one (perhaps I'll be presenting a talk as well?)

me at DevFest - photo by Karen

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