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Sh*ft Festival 2021

After helping with Codecon's tech event, the same organizer asked me to help with another event, the Sh*ft Festival. But this one is kinda different.

It's an online Digital Culture event made in a 100% open collaboration format, pretty similar to the way we devs see open-source software.
So there were dozens of volunteers helping in several areas like creating content, contacting speakers, social media advertising and much more.
My role in this project was helping with the website's development, brainstorming ideas and supporting participants at the event's day.

But the coolest thing about this experience was the event being hosted on an awesome 8bit interactive meeting platform:


We've created an entire 8bit map, with several interactive objects (mostly with memes content) and with 7 indoor rooms in which 4 were used to host activities.

We had talks, interviews, panels and fishbowls about digital culture, such as startups impacts, podcasts, post pandemic world, social networks, internet's history, remote working, games, children & technology and much more.


As the last activity, we had a Happy Hour meeting with music, interactive conversation starter objects and lots of networking. It lasted more than we thought, by the way.

The event, that happened on June 26th, was a huge success with over 200 participants simultaneously and lots of positive feedbacks.

I'll surely keep collaborating in the next editions and I hope to see you there!


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