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Why is Git Important?

Git is useful for everyone who develops code or tracks changes to files, from web developers to app developers. So, What is purpose of Git and Why you should consider utilizing it.

The most widely used version control system is Git. Git keeps track of the changes you make to files so you can see what you've done and go back to previous versions if you need to. Git also facilitates cooperation by allowing several people's modifications to be merged into a single source.

All of the project files, as well as the whole revision history, are stored in a Git repository. You'll instruct Git to turn a regular collection of files (such as a website's root folder) into a repository. This generates a.git subfolder with all of the Git metadata needed to track changes.

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Files and folders that begin with a period (.) are hidden on Unix-based operating systems like macOS, so you won't see the.git folder in the macOS Finder unless you enable hidden files, but it's there! In some coding editors, you might be able to see it.

Why do we need Git?

Many developers have reaped significant benefits from the Git system. It's an open-source platform that allows programmers to demonstrate their abilities. It has gained widespread acceptance as a version-controlled technology. It is required to carry out particular tasks, which include the following:

Easy reverts are possible: This feature is not compatible with a number of programmes. It has made a significant difference in comparison to those applications. It's useful for going back to old records.
Concept of branching: Projects are frequently done in simultaneously. In such a situation, a comparable code is required. It is a wonderful solution for dealing with such a problem. Parallel projects are easily supported with several branches.

Marketing with Git

Consider how switching to Git would effect your company's marketing efforts. Assume your development team has three major improvements coming up in the next several weeks:

The entire team is nearing completion on a game-changing feature that has been in the works for the past six months.
Mary is putting in place a minor, unrelated enhancement that will only affect existing clients.

Rick is updating the user interface, which is long overdue.
All of these changes would most likely be rolled up into a single release if you're using a typical development workflow that relies on a centralized VCS.

The marketing potential of the other two updates is effectively neglected because marketing can only make one announcement that focuses primarily on the game-changing feature.

Git for designers

Rapid prototyping is easier with feature branches. Checking out a new branch allows your UX/UI designers a sandboxed environment to play with, whether they want to construct an entirely new user flow or simply alter some icons. This allows designers to see their modifications in a live working copy of the product without risking damaging existing functionality.

Pull requests go a step further by establishing a formal forum for interested parties to discuss the new interface. Designers can make any necessary modifications, and the pull request will indicate the resultant commits. This encourages everyone to join in the iteration process.

Thanks for reading this blog, cheers!

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