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Will No-Code Replace developers?

Lets first understand, what even is No-Code or Low-Code?

No-Code is made for people in every background to create stuff/software. No code platforms have pre-built drag-and-drop elements that have been coded for reuse and scale, so that anyone, even beginners can make anything they want easily.

Will No/Low Code replace programmers?

No Not at all, we will surely need programmers... There will always be a need for coding. They benefited in there both alternatives.

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So does No/Low Code does have any future?

Yes No/Low Code do have a future but they are not the future of code. It is certainly having a place in the future and will be leveraged to make many applications For ANYONE. The future is low-code or no-code with an expected growth rate of 44.4% by 2022 to $27.23 billion (up from $4.32 billion in 2017).

Why No/Low Code so famous?

No/Low Code is popular because it doesnt matter on what background you come from, you can make softwares. Making software in nocode platforms can be fast and done pretty regularly to build prototypes and MVP in a record time.

Thats all for this blog, its a pretty small blog, but its just a start for me :)

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