YPSKA #9 Svelte

hfahlstedt profile image Håkan Fahlstedt ・1 min read

So you're building a new website? Time to choose framework? React, Angular or Vue? Why not try out Svelte? In my opinion it looks very promising. It take a different approach than for instance React and Vue, instead of doing all the wiring at client-side it "compiles" your code into a more browser-digestible format at build time. This can have a great impact on performance. As a bonus, Svelte can also detect problems with your html at build time and notify you about that.

There's a great tutorial to get started, so there's no reason for you not to dive into the Svelte world right now.


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Why not use svelte? Because the ts support is awfull (i tried it in a few side projects and im not going back until they add first class ts support)


That's actually a reason I don't use it extensively yet. I fully agree, and they are aware of this themselves too. But I still think it is an interesting framework.