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Top Python Posts from August 19 week

Hi! I'm Vicente, your friendly Filipino mod for the python tag. Today, is another episode of the Top Python Posts of the week!

Hope you'll follow along!

1.) I Built a Bot to Try and Get Money Back From My Internet Provider

I didn't want to sit spamming to check when my speeds were getting low. I wanted to know if there had been dips. Were the dips at the same times? Was there a pattern? I needed data and some data visualization to know if/when I might be eligible for any discounts and whether it was worth pursuing.

2.) Web Scraping 101 in Python

In this post, which can be read as a follow up to our ultimate web scraping guide, we will cover almost all the tools Python offers you to web scrape. We will go from the more basic to the most advanced one and will cover the pros and cons of each. Of course, we won't be able to cover all aspect of every tool we discuss, but this post should be enough to have a good idea of which tools does what, and when to use which.

3.) Building Your First Website With Flask — Part 1 (Hello World and Beyond)

Just to quickly get our feet wet, we are going to create the classic “Hello World” web page. This program will also help you check that you have properly installed Flask.
It’s pretty amazing but the Hello World! program in Flask is seven code lines long. Those seven lines of code are sufficient to create a simple web page.

4.) 4 Basic Python Tips to Automate Your Workflow

Automation. It’s supposed to make work easier. So, why not help it along?

5.) A Gentle Introduction to Kubernetes

We will start by developing then deploying a simple Python application (a Flask API that returns the list of trending repositories by programming language).

See you again next week!

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