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#1. Setting Up Environment ☀

We need below regular depnedencies

  1. express
  2. express-validator
  3. mongoose
  4. request
  5. bcryptjs
  6. jsonwebtoken
  7. gravatar
  8. congif

We also need below dev dependencies

  1. nodemon
  2. concurrently

Follow the steps below.

  • Create a folder in your system where you want to start project

  • Get into that folder click right-click open cmd/powershell type "code ." .(vscoode will be open)

  • Open terminal in vscode or (ctrl+~) follow the below to install regular dependencies.

  1. npm init -y
  2. npm i express express-validator mongoose request bcryptjs jsonwebtoken gravatar config

*Also install below dependencies as dev dependencies *
npm i -D nodemon concurrently

If you get any trouble to install dependencies try installing one by one

Creating cluster in mongodb atlas

  1. Create account in mongoDb atlas and login.

  2. Create project.

Image description

  1. Click on build database.

  2. Select free shared.

  3. Choose your local region country/continent for low latency.

  4. Name cluster name and save.

  5. Add user to the db.

  6. Set ip to

You can check videos below
youtube link

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