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From the beginning to yet, Hina-softwareEngineer Coded

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Equality in tech looks like…

I don't believe that there is equality in tech field. Because i am women and i realized that men are more in this field and women are not so. I tried to found the reason why women are not in tech field as men are. There are so many reasons. One is that women can't handle pressured conditions e.g. if code doesn't work at the last time then i also started crying what to do now? What happened now? But women can do all things with punctuality and submit on time.
Don't mind it as i share that which is my experience. May be I am wrong. And the other thing is that Tech companies think that women can't solve problems as men can solve. But i experience women can solve more problems. So, women are also important in tech field as men are.

I’m an expert at…

I am a second year student in Bachelor's of Engineering Software engineering from Ned University. My tech era started when i was in first year of Software engineering. But one thing i forget to mention that I got first position in Intermediate Pre-Engineering in all students of City. Alt Text
One thing i was happy on that occasion that i am girl who got first position and the boy got second position. Women can win, women can achieve. But the world has to give her more opportunity to grow.
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My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

So, my tech era started when i enrolled in software engineering. In first semester, i hate to code. Because I didn't understand what are loops, why function, structures,etc. In my whole class, boys learnt and was doing coding more easily. I need women for guide but No girl can have interest in learning code. I thought at that time that i choose wrong field. This field is not for women. I want to learn. So, i on my behalf start searching. Learning from YouTube, freecodecamp and reading articles from dev.to. These all are great platforms which helped me a lot. I learned html,css, bootstrap, JavaScript,NodeJs and ExpressJs.
Now, i am learning react from freecodecamp. I learnt c, c++,c# language in my university. But i learnt python for myself from Cisco and Google it automation course. Now, all my class fellows girls need any kind of help in coding, or any computer related problem. They come to me. And i solve all their problems. I love coding now.
My message is that women can do if they want. They are equal with men in tech field, in learning.
Never underestimate yourself and
never stop learning.

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Student of Software Engineering, I want to know direction in this field for myself. Love to code!!


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Hey Hina
That's so amazing to have you here at DEV. We welcome and appreciate you. But as far as difficulties in running the code are concerned, I have been through the same thing. Whenever my code didn't run as expected, I got a certain kind of pressure on myself. But, as time passed by, I became better at handling that pressure. I would suggest to focus on concepts rather than syntax. Difficulties are part of developer's life. But, If you are good at concepts then you come to understand the problem behind the problems you face.
Again, it's really great to see you here.
Good luck for your future!


Thank you so much . Motivates me a lot. Also, you are right. I have to strong my concepts rather than syntax. Can you tell me how to strong my concepts?. Like, Now a days I am practicing python on Hackerrank and doing 30daysOfJavscript to strong my Javascript.


You are welcome. I think focus on one language while learning. Python may be good for practicing Data Structures and Algorithms. Other than that whatever you are learning try to grab the core concepts. Like you said that you were learning React. So, in that context, learn the basics of functional programming, state management, problems React solves, Flux architecture and alternative approaches, CBA and other concepts.

Actually, i am only learning react now. Python and JavaScript i learnt before. Now, practicing these languages.


Thank you for sharing your story, hard work and advice.
Keep Shining!


You are a 💎

Looking forward to hear more from you.

Keep it up!