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AI and Software Testing

Everyone speaks about the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to boost the software testing process. At the same time, this adoption leads to new challenges from both a complexity and a skills perspective.

It is not easy to find specialists with these skills today. But what about the future when and more organizations start adopting AI? The rise of which professions, roles will we observe? Let's make some predictions.

  • AI test experts. Of course, this role is first on the list, if we speak about the synergy of AI and software testing. These specialists will have to combine traditional testing expertise with the solid understanding of natural-language processing techniques and machine-learning algorithms not to mention other tech skills.
  • AI QA strategists. Introducing AI into the business processes, there must be a person possessing both business and technical knowledge to set the procedure up and running.
  • Data scientists. It's not an easy task to build models analyzing test data, applying predictive analytics and statistics. Data scientists with a deep understanding of data analysis techniques will be definitely high in demand.

What predictions for this niche do you have?

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