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New Design For CodesQuery

It is very important to keep updated your website with the time. From last few months, I was planing to update my website and finally that day came yesterday. :)

Yes, You read it right, Yesterday, I finally got time to re-designed my blog CodesQuery to give it new fresh look.

I know, to re-design your existing website is not a very easy task but, thanks to Covid-19 due to which I got some extra time because of lockdown in my area, to re-design the blog.

If you are not aware of my blog CodesQuery then let me give you a small introduction of it.

CodesQuery is my part-time hobby where I share tutorials, articles and online courses based on web development. Here you can find tutorials that can help those people who are willing to start their career in the field of web development.

CodesQuery will help you to get the solutions of the most common issues that any beginner to mid-level developer faced during their web application development.

Do you want to know more about my blog, then you can visit my blog from here.

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Habdul Hazeez

There is an error in the link provided in the last paragraph.

hisachin profile image

thanks for point that, I fixed that link now

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