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A journey to System Design

Hello there, coders!

I hope you are all doing great during COVID times. Nowadays, many of us have found ourselves with much more time on our hands. Many of us utilize this extra time by learning something new, picking up a new hobby, going on a reading spree, or the good old fashioned path of playing video games. I am no different. I have picked the first and the last. I'll be learning Back-end Engineering and System Design, whereas I'll be playing League of Legends and Valorant on the side.

A little about me

Until now, I have mainly worked with front-end technologies like Flutter and roughly just for six months on back-end technologies like Java Spring. The reason I shifted was because of my previous internship requiring me to work on Spring Boot. But I feel that I never learned the art of back-end inside out. Instead, I quickly went over stuff in an attempt to get work done for my internship. Hence I have decided to use my free time with learning back-end engineering from the start, reaching up to the point of being able to design highly available, reliable, and scalable systems.

Why am I sharing this?

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
- Albert Einstein

I feel sharing my learning here helps us both -

  • Be a part of this journey and learn something new. If you are already in this domain, you can guide people like me, so we grow as a community.
  • Writing will help me understand better. I'll be able to find loopholes in my concepts.
  • You can correct me if I am wrong about anything, that way we both learn together.

That's it for this post. I plan to post at least once every week. So stay tuned for the upcoming topics.

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