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MySQL or MongoDB?

hoangviet97 profile image hoangviet97 ・1 min read

Hello everyone. If I want to build web app like Trello or Asana with NodeJS and React, which database type should I use? MongoDB or MySQL(or another relational database...)?

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Is the goal of the app just to learn something or is it going to be a production app?

I've used Mongo in the past, but for your average web app I think it's a poor choice ... unless you're going for mega huge scalability (in case of which there's a lot to be said for Mongo), do yourself a favor and go with an RDBMS - so much easier to use ...

MySQL or PostgreSQL or another RDBMS doesn't really matter, it's a toss-up IMO.

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Curtis Vanzandt

It depends on the data you're saving. If the data doesn't need to be linked in some way, a NoSQL solution is a good way to go. If your data is going to be strict in schema and needs to have some kind of relationship with other types of data, I'd go for a relational database.

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Margo McCabe

Great question - there are so many options! This database architectures & use cases article might be helpful.