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Contributing to Clockify NLP Bot

In the third week of Hacktoberfest, I had a chance to work on a Bot Framework - Clockify NLP Bot. It is developed to act as a timesheet assistant. I am always amazed about how Bot Framework work, and this is an excellent opportunity for me to learn.
The Clockify NLP Bot is written by C# and .NET Core SDK. I was working on improve message formatting when a user asks Bot to report their work hours.
I checked the source code and found that the message was generated using the string template from ClockifyMessageSource.resx. This file is an XML resource file in the .NET apps for localization, which helps store strings to be loaded dynamically. This concept is new to me, so I am excited to know about it.
I asked the project maintainer about my idea to resolve the issue, and they gave me the go-ahead signal.
We have communicated through GitHub and a temporary slack channel. However, I could not hear anything from them after my last pull request

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