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Top Voice API use cases for your app projects

Voice APIs create robust programmable calling features for the app to phone and web to phone calls. It enables developers to build call logic and VoIP functionalities and connect their apps to a Public Switched Telephone Network(PSTN).

Thanks to communication APIs platforms for a wide range of voice APIs for different use cases. If anyone thinks that these APIs are just for adding call functionality, they are just scratching the surface. Let’s look at some real-life use cases for voice APIs!

1. Voice Instructions

If you are developing an eCommerce app or food delivery app, a voice instruction feature can improve the user experience. For example, a food delivery app like Zomato has introduced the voice instruction feature that allows the users to leave specific directions or other information through voice messages.

With a voice API integration, you can allow the users to add voice instructions and help delivery personnel access them in real-time. Especially with a remote location for delivery, voice instructions can help reduce the delays.

2. Voice Reminders

Banking apps or financial services often send voice messages or reminders for payments. Credit card services and financial lending services can use voice APIs to send voice reminders on-time payments. Developers can use voice APIs for programmable pre-recorded voice reminders that are sent to users.

3. Voice Support

Consumer support features with instant voice calling are commonplace, but developers can leverage voice APIs for analytical data. Voice API providers offer call recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call logging, and even SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) calling. Developers can use these features to introduce call data analytics in business applications.

4. Call Authentication

When it comes to the security of transactions on your apps, two-factor authentications are extensively used. Developers can integrate instant OTP authentication callback function for user logins and payment validations with a voice API.

One Time Passwords(OTP) through SMS are highly insecure, especially with the SIM swap frauds being too prevalent. Developers can use modern innovations like face recognition or finger touch sensors to trigger an authentication OTP call.

5. Video Conferencing

If you plan to develop a video conferencing feature for your project, many voice API providers like Nexmo and Twilio offers dedicated solutions. Apart from these two API providers, there are many options available in the market.

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Developers can leverage conversation APIs through an amalgamation of IP Messaging, PSTN Voice, SMS, and WebRTC Audio and Video. WebRTC is a protocol that enables audio and video communication. Developers can use an architecture that includes cloud services, WebRTC API, and other conversation API parts for video conferencing features.

6. Telemedicine Feature

With the COVID19 impact, there has been a need for real-time communication solutions in the healthcare industry. Developers can leverage messaging APIs, voice APIs, and video APIs to create telemedicine solutions. You can integrate virtual calls, video, and real-time chats in the app between users and healthcare providers.

7. Virtual Call centers

The virtual call center software is cloud-based solutions that enable advanced inbound and outbound calling capabilities. It reduces the need for bulkier infrastructures like an auto call distributor with physical calling devices.

Integrating a virtual call center software with voice APIs from a communication API service provider like Nexmo or Twilio can be beneficial. These services enable you to use WebRTC based features. It will allow you to create calling sessions over a browser through API protocols like RTCPeerConnection API of WebRTC.


There are many communication APIs providers out there. But one can find these use cases most crucial when building enterprise-grade software systems like a call center. Also, I'd like to share that though Twilio is a market leader in communication APIs, there are many worth checking alternatives to Twilio.

Hope you've found this post interesting. Also, share your views on communication APIs with me in the comments below.

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