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DevTo - New Users Automatically Added To Followers List

htnguy profile image Hieu Nguyen twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

I am not sure if I am mildly delusional or when a new user joins, they automatically get added to my followers list.

I got like 10 -12 new followers in the last day or two. I have never had any contact with them and when I visit their profiles, they are mostly blank besides their name and the date they join 3/27-3/28(today).

Am I missing something? Or people who just joined really begin their journey by following others?

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As part of the sign up flow I believe dev shows a smattering of users who they might be interested in following. You must happen to be on that list right now and thus some people decide to follow you


It showed me some suggestions and I followed you.
Hi hii 👋🏼

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