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React Hooks Links

Early documentation and articles on Hooks:

React Docs on Hooks
Making Sense of React Hooks
Request For Comments
Request For Comments: TLDR
Understanding Hooks in React a Deep Dive
Under the hood of React’s hooks system
A Simple Intro into Hooks
React Hooks
Flux Without Fuss: From Containers to Hooks
Why React Hooks, and how did we even get here?
useReducer + useContext without libraries
How to Use Basic React Hooks for State and Effects
Custom Hook for Data Fetching
Custom React Hooks for Everything
Web Accessibility Guidebook for Developers

Hooks outside of React

What Hooks mean for Vue

Video Resources on Hooks

React Conf 2018 Day One Talks
Share Complex Logic across React Components with Custom Hooks
Access and Modify a DOM Node with the React useRef and useEffect Hooks
Share Logic Across Multiple React Components with Custom Hooks
Use the useState React Hook
Test React Components that use React Hooks
React Hooks: A Complete Introduction
React Hooks: Custom Hooks
TODO List with Hooks
React Hooks: useContext
React Custom Hooks
Introducing React Hooks

StackBlitz examples from Hooks presentation (Sofia DevReach & Reactivate Meetup)

No Context API
With Context API
With Context API and setState

React State Hooks Ex 01
React State Hooks Ex 02
React State Hooks Ex 03
React State Hooks Ex 04
React State Hooks Ex 05
React State Hooks Ex 06
React State Hooks Ex 07
React State Hooks Ex 08
React State Hooks Ex 09

StackBlitz Examples from Hooks Presentation (Reactivate Meetup)

Reactivate Meetup No Context API
Reactivate Meetup With Context API
Reactivate Meetup With Context API and setState
Reactivate Meetup useContext
Reactivate Meetup useContext with update
Reactivate Meetup Containment
Reactivate Meetup Inheritance
Ben Awads Todo App With useReducer

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