What does your study routine looks like?

humzakhan profile image Humza K. ・1 min read

Hey everyone,

I'm curious to learn about what does your study routine looks like? What time of the day you choose to indulge in learning and how much it is usually?

I have been recently struggling to make time for learning and trying new things in general because of the workload and not being able to prioritize correctly, which led me to think that maybe I need to make some adjustments in my routine to make more time.

Thank you :)


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I find that trying to study after work never works, so I've switched to a morning routine. Study for an hour before work each day and maintain that routine. It's been a month and I really enjoy it a lot more than studying post-work.


Thanks for the nice suggestion. I am going to implement this.


Yes precisely! I have been thinking the same. The post-work exhaustion sometimes makes it difficult to focus. Thank you for sharing.


I personally find blocking time (phone off, software blocking time-consuming sites etc) helps. I like to divide subject by sections, and study one after another, and track my progress. I also use textbooks (paper ones!) for CS concepts so it's less distracted.
Depends on the subject, if it's a bit boring or difficult, I think morning is the best time. If it's more "fun", then I could do it after work.


I agree, and I really like the idea of using textbooks to avoid distractions. I found that whenever I am reading on a screen, I am tempted to open other apps. Never looked at textbooks in that way, thank you for sharing!


I also highly recommend Deep Work by Cal Newport. It will give you a lot of sound advice on productivity. If you lack time here is a short summary: medium.com/swlh/deep-work-a-book-s...


When I was more of a "junior developer", I used to study and practice at least 10 hours on my own every week on evenings and weekends. Now I've picked up other side projects which take up most of that time, but I still study whenever there is something new I want to learn.


I think side projects are a really nice way of learning + hands-on experience as well. I have been doing that more lately.