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Development Team You Need to Build an Investment App

Recently I came across the Forbes article that revealed some numbers related to investing. It turned out that investing has become prevalent, and more than 96 million people in the US are active investors. So this information got me thinking about the investment opportunities. Why do people invest and in what way do they actually do it?

I completed my own research and discovered that people tend to invest because they are worried about their retirement and comfortable living in the near future, they strive to achieve higher level of financial security, and most importantly they want to increase their current wealth.

And when it comes to the investment ways, it turned out that people prefer using digital helpers - web and mobile applications. So what does it all mean? Simply that investment popularity is growing and there is a huge demand in new custom investment platforms on the fintech market.

This investment fever can be a perfect business opportunity. By developing an investment solution now and entering the market, a startup company can become highly profitable.

So when it comes to investment app development, where should you start from? First of all, you need to find a reliable developers team who can guide you through all crucial development steps and deliver a top-notch solution. Speaking about the developers team, you need the following specialists to complete your investment platform:

Business Analyst - who will complete all necessary researches and help you with the selection of necessary tech stack and app architecture, write technical documentation and project requirements.

Designer - who is going to provide you first with wireframes of your future solution and its overall design concept, and then create a unique user-friendly design.

Back-end developers - who will write high-quality code and perform all kinds of necessary integrations.

HTML\CSS coders - who will be responsible for the front-end part of your solution.

Quality assurance specialists - whose job will be to perform all kinds of quality, performance and security checks.

Scrum Master - who will be in charge of all processes and make sure that everything is developed on time and within the discussed budget.

And while everything is quite clear with the team that you will need, there still can be one question left in your head. How much custom investment app development may cost in 2021? Well, the final price depends on many factors starting with the app complexity and feature set, and ending with the selection of a platform.

The price of web and mobile investment apps differ greatly. If you take approximate prices - mobile apps may cost you up to $45,000 per one platform (iOS or Android) and web solutions can be up to $50,000-$75,000.

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Victoria Mostova

Anna, great article! It provides valuable insights into assembling the right development team for building an investment app. Collaborating with professionals experienced in frontend and backend development, UI/UX design, and cybersecurity is essential when considering how to create an investment app that's both user-friendly and secure. Their combined expertise will be pivotal in crafting a successful app that meets users' financial needs.

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Jaylonrthy • Edited

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