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Why Coding?

Have you ever asked yourself why coding isn't included in the school's programs?

You see, parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate their children, but what they don't know is that rare are the teachers who care about your children. In fact, everyone has his/her own talents; some are discovered early, other late, but never too late. One of the school's objectives should be to help students find their abilities to develop them.

Coding or computer programming is writing a set of instructions that a computer understands so it will perform a task. Coding is one of the talents that parents underestimate or ignore.

The early you begin to code, the better. Don't think twice, no matter what's your age, turn on your pc or smartphone, and start coding. The funny thing is that you can try a language, try it for a couple of hours, then pick another one if you felt like it's not user-friendly. As long as you have the logic, you can ace any programming language. What differs from one to another is the syntax.

Now you might ask yourself, why would I want to waste my time learning to code.

The benefits of learning to code can be surprisingly wide-ranging. Here are a few of the ways learning to code can benefit you and your children.

1- Invest in yourself

Learn to code is an investment in itself. In fact, I've developed my own game, available only on Google Play Store. and published it on Google play. Now I can make money while sleeping.

Even if your child wants to do something outside of computer science when they grow up, their coding skills will prove useful across many different fields.

Once you show your kids what they can create with code, they’ll be eager to get started on their own.

Most importantly, the ability to code transforms kids from passive consumers into innovators, with eyes that see every piece of the technology puzzle, not just as a toy but as a way to problem solve and an opportunity to create.

2- Fosters creativity.

By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake, they learn. Children can be creative, and creativity is encouraged. Creativity is part of the process and not always the product.

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3- Become a problem solver.

As you learn to code and give direction, you learn that there is no one way to do something and that even if their idea didn’t work. You can improve upon what you have already done without worrying about failing.

Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.

4- Offers career flexibility

Learning to code can help open up new areas of opportunity in your career and ultimately make you a more flexible candidate in a rapidly-shifting digital economy.

I work as a telecom engineer at Ericsson. With my coding skills, I was able to create automated scripts to finish my work in no time. Besides, I've created software for Ericsson which made a great impact on the team's performance.

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5- Fun bonding opportunity for families

How often do you have the opportunity to learn something practical and new with your kids? Parents with school-aged children have the chance to start from square one together as they learn the fundamentals of programming and coding.

One excellent way to test the waters of learning to code is to practice with kid-friendly resources like Scratch, which gives both you and your child an introduction to programming fundamentals and systemic reasoning. This fundamental understanding will help you as you move on to more complex languages and applications.

6- Enhance your concentration & patience

Coding is a meticulous task that requires immense patience. Usually, you will find yourself in a situation when your code has glitches and you can’t understand why. While we all may aspire to be patient, we tend to lose cool even at the tiniest inconvenience. However, for developers, this can be detrimental.

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Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

Coding puts you and your children in control of the computer and through experimentation builds mastery in sequencing skills, counting, problem-solving, logical thinking, cause and effect, and critical thinking. Additionally, kids can express themselves through code and find it refreshing to create games, apps, and websites and to even control robots.

The earlier we introduce coding to children, the more comfortable they will become and the more successful they will become when presented with more challenging learning opportunities.

My next articles will be about how to get started and make a great sum of cash in each and every hobby mentioned in this article.

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