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Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years

In 5 years, I see myself:
1- CEO of a programming company (Started Codinstyle)

2- Social media influencer (reach 500000 subscribers on my website Codinstyle)

3- Owner of a great game (created and published Don't Blink

4- Have a secured full time job in a managerial position as a Telecom Enginser

5- Create and have my Youtube channel with 20000 subscribers

6- make 10000$ from my blog using affiliate marketing

7-Publish my Ebook on Amazon and make a revenue of 500$ from it

8- Have 30000 true followers on my Twitter account.

9- Delegate small businesses

10- Have my own Udemy courses.

This is on the work level. However on the lifestyle level

1- Get married
2- Have 2 cars (sport car and a regular car for casual trips)
3- own a luxurious house
4- Keep my healthy and fit body
5- travel once or twice per year during my vacation.

I'm interested to know your plans for the 5 coming years. You need to believe in yourself.

Right it to reach it

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David Dennis

In 5 years: I should be Consulting as a Cloud Engineer.

I am currently making baby to giant steps to this effect.

hussein_cheayto profile image
hussein cheayto

Great, goodluck David!!