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Launched a free webservice to check your pagespeeds

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Heya, after scratching my own itch I decided to publish the tool Wulfdeck at for everyone to use for free.

It finds the linked pages from your site, and then checks them all for their Pagespeed.

What do you guys think, useful? Pointless? Does it work for you?

Hope to get some feedback :)

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Wow, this is really well done. I love how extensively it crawls through the pages. Great execution. didn't do too bad 🙂

Many of the ones that didn't score super high were actually ones that should be easy to make high-performant, like the "about" page. Counterintuitively, those are not well-optimized.


Hey! I've noticed that in this post you use "guys" as a reference to the entire community, which is not made up of only guys but a variety of community members.

I'm running an experiment and hope you'll participate. Would you consider changing "guys" to a more inclusive term? If you're open to that, please let me know when you've changed it and I'll delete this comment.

For more information and some alternate suggestions, see

Thanks for considering!


Nice tool, It gives meaningful improvement suggestions for our website. There is an small issue though:

It displays some suggestions twice.


This is actually correct, it displays every speed suggestion for Mobile and for Desktop.

I added icons to illustrate, but maybe it should be clearer

Thank you!

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