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The Babel Podcast

So I published the first episode of the newly created Babel podcast a few weeks ago! I also wrote a blog post and a separate website.

But I'd like to hear from this community! I'm curious on what ya'll think of the episode but also if you have suggestions on what you'd like us to talk about: more about the team itself, general stuff about open source maintenance, fundraising/money, JavaScript the language, etc.

I think I want to be unique to Babel but also not turn this into yet another JavaScript podcast that just interviews authors of JavaScript libraries (since there's plenty of that already). Some ideas I had would be to interview TC39 members, explain some concepts/decisions in Babel, even interview alternative tools! I think we can do a lot with this platform.

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Kent C. Dodds

I loved it! I've heard the history of babel before (and loved through much of it), but it was fun to hear again. I can't be more excited by Rome. I think it was a great first episode and I look forward to the rest of the Podcast!